July 1, 2018


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Diamond Productivity Method. The new Pomodoro's timer to achieve and master your productivity’s routine dream.


Procrastination is good, it improves creativity. Pomodoro Timers of 25 minutes is not enough. So we created the diamonds timers of 55 minutes per session to boost your productivity, therefore improve your self stim, confidence and self proudness!

The method

The Diamond Productivity Method is the final method to focus, work hard and fewer hours and feel awesome with the results.

You think you are working fine, but at the end of the day/week/month, you feel like didn’t do anything. You have seen and tried many pomodoros and focus techniques but none of them worked in the end. You are not alone.

Access the App here, is free!!! **https://focusdiamond.app/**

Ok so, this is another Pomodoro timer. Yes, but with timers of 55 minutes and 55 seconds, and some extra gifts like the procrastination TODO lists, and a closed schedule for your working day.

A focused and intensive Session consists of 2 parts of 55 minutes with 5 minutes break in between.

I came with three different flavors of the timers, based on my personal experience. For normal work sessions, you could use the Diamond variant.

The Pure Diamond Method consists of 3 sessions per day.

1. Diamond

The perfect balance between working hard and resting playfully. It consists of 2 sessions that made a total of 4.5hours including breaks, and real focus time of 3.6 hours. You may think this looks too little, but I honestly challenge you to try it and see if that was indeed too little.

Many important people believe that this is how we are gonna start working in the future, less and fewer hours will be necessary.

2. Pure Diamond

A working day of pure 5.5 hours of work dedication in a journey of 7 hours including resting. The idea is that on a day of 7 hours of working you will work on maximum focus mode for 5.5 hours, 7 hours in total including the resting times. If you are gonna follow this productivity method, my personal advice is that you get a huge and cool breakfast to get sufficient energy 💪🏻. Again, 5.5h of focus working may look too small. You wanna bet it’s not?

3. Black Diamond

And the third, and only recommended for those moments of real working pressure. **The Black Diamond. **A rare color for the diamonds in nature, and in my opinion a rare way of working, but really efficient. That said, say goodbye to the rest of your life during these hard sessions of working. It is so energy-consuming that your brain won’t be ready for more until you get a good sleep of at least 8 hours.

Time table summary Diamond Productivity Method

Why timers of 55 minutes and 55 seconds

Because timers of 25 minutes seem not enough to keep the concentration. I have experimented with myself that after 25–30 minutes, my concentration level decreases a lot. But it is at this moment when if I push myself to continue focused until the end of the 55' session, it is when I am really productive. First, because I didn’t break the wave of concentration, and second because I could go much further into the development of my task. It’s this little (or “lottle”) effort that brings us to success. It’s this pressure that converts us into pure Diamonds!

55 minutes in meant to achieve parts of 50 min, with a 5 minutes of margin to write down your procrastination Todo list, and other inconveniences that could appear.

Let’s procrastinate, it makes us more creative

So this is it. Procrastination IS GOOD, and improves our creativity. During an experiment with students, the children got a task to realize. After studying closer to their behavior, the study came with neat and beautiful results. The student that procrastinates more came with more creative solutions. Sorry for the simplicity of this sentence. There is plenty of information about cognitive processes involve during procrastination time on the internet.

Ok, procrastination is good, but we have the need to finish things up in order to feel fulfilled. The proposal here is to focus on the tasks to finish without forgetting any thoughts that pop up in our heads.

Disclaimer: after checking the procrastination list at the end of the day, you will see how random your brain works.

The TODO Procrastination list

It is tempting, I can tell it. Just raw thoughts came to your mind and you feel a strong need to search it. There is where you will struggle the most, where you will feel the pressure.

But remember, procrastination is good! it helps to improve your creativity!.

To keep the important things to do from the chunk of trash thoughts, PIN the tasks to move them into the pile of important things.

Search in Google in one click

When you are reviewing your list, you don’t have to manually search in google again, just click on the “G” button in the list and a new browser tab with the filled search will appear. Easy peasy!

Why a method to measure what!

We are not measuring anything, we are executing a methodology to keep up focus and up to our work after doing the session, you will see, really, how time flies. Now look around and ask someone else how many focus hours do they work.

What do we need!?

Mainly you need a new mindset where distractions are for later. Don’t do anything that is not related to the task you are doing. It’s just that simple. The challenge is to use the mobile to search for something and don’t get lost into WhatsApp messages or Twitter stories.

Application tool

The tool is completely free via the web and I am planning to expand it to all platforms, so we can carry out timer focused tool with us


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