A word about NuxtJS

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Let me start with the bad news

Oke I just want to say that I'm a bit obnoxious with how the development of Nuxt and its roadmap is going. It is a bit obscure and despite the efforts of the team to keep up, there is no such think like a public roadmap to handle expectations.

Getting that out of the way, I can go to the main poinnt:

NuxtJS is the best thing that has happened in my long career as a web engineer

Ans I can say that loud and clear and as many times it's necessary.

I have been in the business for some while (more than 12 years now) building websites and all kind of media as an UX and Product designer.
Please let me give a few points of context here to understand better why i am so much in love with Nuxt.

Everything started back in the days building websites with Flash. Everything just went as I wanted, animations! Music all arround, beautiful gradients with shadows... I mean beautiful for the 2000's style, everybody loved my works and I felt like the king of the party every single time.
If you are as old as me then you also probably got your hands dirty with action script 3 and the flex framework for flash. That was the future st that time and I was all for it.
Then flash was basically murdered, and IMO not by Steve Jobs and his 2007 iPhone, but by Macromedia itself, which refused to open source the flash engine and let the community fix the performance problems everyone was talking about.
Those times were beautiful, we had already WYSIWYG editors with hot reloading working without waiting for long building times and mega deep dependencies modules folders. And i am talking about 20 years ago. I am not even mentioning that you wrote the code once, and worked seamlessly on all platforms, even with responsive designs.

Then everything changed. Flash was out of the way and we (the web developers) had to lead with a lacking features CSD styles that couldn't even do half of what we where used to with flash, no png transparent images with internet explorer 6, almost no standard for the web, and javascript was almost a joke at those times.
What a mess, and we had to deal with it.

Many years passed, so did the technologies and progress.
I'll jump to the timeline of the technologies i used mñin my career, en then finally talk about mu current we stack, with Nuxt leading the way.

  • Flash
  • Action script 3 with Flex
  • Joomla 1.2
  • Drupal 7
  • WordPress
  • backbone js with require js and with LAMP(Linux Apache Mysql and PHP)
  • bowel and NodeJS
  • Angular 1.x
  • bootstrap
  • replacing grunt with gulp
  • Angular 2 - 8
  • React and Webpack (hell) and MaterialUI
  • Firebase and Firestore
  • Aws stack with lambda functions, DynamoDB and GraphQL
  • semantic UI
  • VueJS 2 (Vuetify)
  • Nuxt
  • Latest additions TailwindCss and Supabase

That is a pretty long stack, and I can't even imagine how many thousands of hours I have expended all those things together

Let's talk about Nuxt.

Nuxt came to me a bag of candies, a superset of tooling that made my life so much easier. No more Webpack, no more routing, no more PWA manual configurations.

... To be continued