Mozart for the cows. Understanding veganism and its surroundings

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Mozart for the cows. Understanding veganism and its surroundings

“#ContainsMeat” label movement. Are humans herbivores: the ultimate plant-based guide

I had an epiphany about the label of being a vegan. But it is quite the opposite

Humans are herbivores by nature, and omnivores by behaviour. In restaurants menus, Instead of adding labels such as ‘vegan’ by the dishes, it should be the other way around: a ‘contains meat’ label.

I want to write the definitive “guide for vegans” to myself with the premise that a plant-based diet is an ultimate way to stay healthy and save the world in the meantime. But I need a guide that shows me the path to become and stay vegan after thirty years of life being avid meat 🥩 eater and dairy 🥛 🧀 consumer.

The vegan guide and its content

This is the definitely ultimate guide to make a transition to plant-based food. I needed to build it for myself as a reference and to be conscious of the process. How to teach my body this new Lifestyle and philosophy, to know the science and the historical reasons behind the health meat industry, the health implications, the body energy and performance

During the year 2020, I will be documenting, enhancing and improving this guide to make it the “ultimate guide for vegans and plant-based food” lifestyle.

These are the questions that I want to approach in this guide and are always around every conversation and mind.

Content (WIP)

What will happen to my body after 33 of not being vegan

The social pressure, myths, and misconceptions

The real health implications

Boost and energy performance

Vitamins and supplements

What are proteins, and for what?

Plant-based food for sportspeople

When the Homo Sapiens Sapiens started to eat meat and the myths around it

Hydrogenated fats, or trans fats, the human-modified type of fats… And the worst.

A whole new world of the type of food, list of vegetables and whole-grain products

The key to being vegan starts with the flavors, spices, and aromatic herbs

The new ingredients, variety, and body intakes

Are humans carnivorous? The same reason why there are no polar bears in the Sahara, we can eat raw meat. If you do eat raw meat without processing it, you will get immediately sick, because the acids in our stomachs aren’t strong enough to kill all the bacteria, and the long digestive system leaves the process of putrefaction of the meat inside our system, leading to provoke all kind of digestive cancers. We eat meat because we can transform it, not because we should.

The animal perspective

They put Mozart to the cows, so they produce more milk (a relaxing way to forget being continued pregnant and killing their male newborns because they are too expensive to grow them as beef) imagine doing that to your pet?

What is legal doesn’t necessarily mean that is moral (depends on the country and culture)

I like the texture and flavor… But is it worth it the life of an animal for you to have a momentaneous pleasure?

Environmental numbers, impact, and alternatives

Marketing and the culture of meat as a festive ingredient

Steps to become vegan, recipes, and cheatsheets

Diabetes, cholesterol, heart strokes (and cancer) diet based provoked diseases

What if we all stop eating at the same time, meat production under demand

The replacements, beyond meat, impossible foods, Chinese raising market

Resources and bibliography

Let’s do it, to be continued!