The 5:3 Rule for productivity

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We all have a lot of things to do during the day, do sports, write your beloved and friends, buy and cook healthy, take care of the house: clean, organize… read that book, have proper sex, go outside with friends.. and yet you need to do your 8 hours or daily work (don’t forget the time you need to get ready, have breakfast, commute.. and then arrive at work).

This is the simplest, yet the most effective, way of being productive, finish everything you propose yourself and feeling amazing. This is a game-changer for your productivity and it will result in being a game-changer for your mental and physical health as well.


  • **1.5 hours. **Give you time to wake up, enjoy, relax, eat breakfast. Allways before you start your 5 hours focus. Remember not to take pressure inputs like WhatsApp and social contacts. This time is only for yourself.

  • 5 hours. Work of the day. Your One Thing. No distractions whatsoever.

  • 3 hours. Your other priorities. (and yes that do the 8 hours working time per day)

  • Preparation for the next day. Write down your Ivy List (Infographic)

Give yourself the time to focus on the tasks you want to accomplish without the hassle. This is a methodology to follow every working day and it is based on what is more important: managing our time in the most efficient and effective way.

The rules are very very simple. In fact, there are only 2:

  1. When working in focus mode, the first 5 hours, you do it without distractions. It is important that you arrive at this time with a clear mind and not blurred already with news, notifications, people (mainly WhatsApp and twitter) and emails, from work emails to promotional emails. Do NONE of them. When you wake up you don’t look at your mobile, you look at yourself and everything you have around. You will have time later to socialize and procrastinate with newspapers, tv shows or anything you want, but now it is important to focus on your next 5 hours. Top recommendation: have always a note to type your tasks and write them down to prioritize them later.

  2. Keep your todo list organized and prioritized. Use any app you want or system (a simple notebook also works).