Sorry Docker… hello Lambda

Just a thought after learned Docker and moving to AWS Lambda.

I know what you are gonna think, they are different technologies and actually it is a good practice to use them all together. But, I was studying very hard to be able to understand all the good parts of Docker, and at least at the end, I could manage to make something work. I made a ‘super’ app able to run in a RaspberryPi (hypriot) for production and everything working locally, and everything under exactly the same server configuration. How amazing is that? I could manage a container with MySQL,  two more with WebAPI and Web hosting. I used docker compose to connect all of them. That was good, oh gosh damn…

But then my colleagues started talking about something that I didn’t know yet, AWS Lambda functions and the goodness of GraphQL. Of course, when you come from the angular world, like me, all the parts that Facebook is developing were a bit far from me.

Now I decided to move the stack of my app to React, GraphQL for the API and AWS Lambda. I still could use Docker to organize a bit the dev environment, but the functions are so dumb easy that I didn’t do it yet. Although I have the feeling that I’m gonna live like this for a while.

So, why to take care of everything. I am alone developing some spear projects, and I have to take care of the marketing business model, Front-end, DB, servers and API endpoints.

The worst of all it is that I am expending more time on studying that actually developing my business. So I hope that now I have GraphQL running on lambda (and the knowledge of it) my apps development are gonna grow much faster. Also, I am saying hello to React deeply, Relay, Flow… God of Gods.